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Friday, November 28, 2014

Today Is Going To Be A Short One, Folks

Mostly because I feel like hammered crap on toast. My kids both had a respiratory virus and cough these last couple of weeks that I managed to dodge, and yesterday, it finally climbed into a truck and ran me down like some relentless terminator or something.

I managed to go out and shop last night (go ahead hate on me all you want) and got all the stuff I needed and then some, so all that's left before I pick up the kids on Sunday is housecleaning, present wrapping, decorating and getting the tree up.

Which I will do tomorrow.

Today, I'm laying on the couch in a Dayquil haze until it gets dark outside and then I'll take the Nyquil. I might eat some soup, too.

I think that's about all I can manage for now.

Hope you're all having a great holiday weekend full of seasonal fun and family and friends. I'll chat you on Monday, when I'll have a new Once Upon A Time Recap to regale you with!

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