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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

So I Finally Finished Binge-Watching LOST On Netflix

I finished watching the final episode of LOST at 2:30am Monday morning, which was really stupid considering I had to be up for work in three hours. Strangely, I felt no lingering exhaustion yesterday and even went to bed early. It decided to hit me today, and I'm seriously yawning as I type this.

But back to LOST.

I started binge-watching it a month or so ago, taking in several episodes on each of my kid-free weekends whenever I could. I never got to see it when it aired originally - the kids were babies then and anything outside their periphery in those early years is basically a blur now. I don't think I sat down once, much less turned on a TV show.

I became a huge fan of Once Upon A Time, however, and they seeded it with all kinds of LOST references, since head writers/producers Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz worked on LOST. I figured I'd give it a try.

I loved it. I loved the crazy, careening plot, the wacked-out timelines, the bouncing, angst-filled love triangle, the bad guys with the good hearts and the good guys with the darkness within. I loved it.

But what the hell - that ending!!

I think I have more questions than I did about the freaking Dharma initiative. Some of it makes no sense to me at all.


  • At the very end when they're all in the church - why the hell are Desmond and Penny there? Neither of them were on the flight. Desmond didn't die. And even if he's somehow looped in there because of his association with them - what about Penny? She wasn't on the island - ever! How the hell is she dead along with them?
  • Poor Hurley! He's such a people person, and he gets to live in lonely solitude on that freaking island, with only that weasel Ben for company. Dude. So not cool. Then again, he doesn't really, so I guess it's okay. I think.
  • Why did John Locke/Smoke Guy suddenly become mortal? They didn't explain what flipped that switch. Was it because Jacob finally winked out? 
  • Jin and Sun - what the hell! How very romantic that he won't leave her side and they die together holding hands, blah, blah, blah...BUT - they have a freaking daughter! What the hell! If my husband was determined to die when we have a young child at home who needs him, I would be screaming hard enough to part his damn hair. And if he chose to die instead of, you know, take care of our child, I'd be kicking his ass all over the afterlife. Seriously.
  • Sawyer and Juliet. I'm okay with them being together, and I get that their great love story took place off-camera over the course of three years, but I think we needed to see more of it. They've got them barely connecting (despite saying "I love you") and then Kate shows up, Juliet gets weird, and suddenly, she's dying and Sawyer's acting like she's the great, all-consuming love of his life. It just....was weird. 
  • The whole story about Jacob and Smoke Man and the early days - I just wasn't digging it. Their murderous adopted Mom was vague as hell and I actually had more sympathy for the smoke guy than for Jacob. Blow the island to hell and let the guy go already.
Those are my major issues, but those aside, it really was a good show. I'm kind of glad I binge-watched because it would have been torture having to wait those storylines out on a week-to-week basis.

Next: I'm thinking about starting "Breaking Bad." Either that or "The Office." I semi-followed The Office early on but dropped out a couple of years in. It might be fun to get back into it. 

Any other suggestions? Let me hear 'em!

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