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Friday, November 14, 2014

Interstellar: My Movie Review

I love science fiction, and have since I can remember.

Saturday nights at my house were spent with a huge bowl of popcorn and Star Trek on the TV. I read "The Martian Chronicles" so many times, the book fell apart and I had to buy it again. Twice.

Science Fiction now is more like "Action Adventure Blow Up! Lens Flare! science fiction" which is all well and good and fun but sometimes, you just want your brain to be working overtime.

Interstellar is that kind of movie - forcing your brain to stretch and turn and twist and weave with the story, all while throwing in some magnificent cinematography, outstanding performances and special effects. I saw it in 2D on a regular screen, and I'm wishing now I would have popped for the extra to see it on IMAX. It would have been very, very worth it.
The performances are incredibly moving, and Matthew McConaughey had me sobbing aloud at one point. Michael Caine and Anne Hathaway were solid, and a very unexpected cameo mid-way through the movie by an A-List star was a pleasant surprise. One of the best parts of all were the actresses that played McConaughey's daughter across the course of the movie - every one of them was outstanding.

This isn't a perfect movie, however. Christopher Nolan may be a master at thinking outside the box, but his dialog is occasionally really cheesy. Anne Hathaway has a moment where she discusses love as a force of quantam physics and it earned an eyeroll from me and an actual groan from some people in the theater.

The beginning of the movie was sloooow, and it stretches belief to the point of erosion to think that Matthew McConaughey's character (who hasn't flown a thing in years) could stumble into the sooper seekrit NASA base and be recruited to fly a brand new spaceship with all the bells and whistles the next day.

And don't even get me started on the way Christopher Nolan pounds you over the head about the importance and strength of the parent-child bond, but somehow forgets that this guy has two kids, and makes him forget it a lot, too.

One other thing I think I should note: the sound mix on this movie is occasionally - for lack of a better descriptor -  crap. The music or sound effects drowned out the dialog in places, and made it unintelligible. I've also seen it remarked upon in several online forums that if you are a hearing aid wearer, this movie will frustrate the hell out of you and it might be best to wait for the DVD so you can subtitle it.

All the minor bad in this doesn't erase all the overwhelming good, and for those of us out there who woke our kids on Wednesday, panting with excitement because we landed on a comet (oh yes, I did) and did a little dance when they found out Google was going into space exploration, this movie hits the spot.

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