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Friday, October 24, 2014

Riding In The Car With Anna

Anna: Look! That guy had his arm out the window! What if I had reached out and yanked it when we drove by! 

Mom: That would have been cool! 

Anna: I could have ripped his arm right off!! 

Mom: Yeah!

Anna: And then I'd put it in a jar to preserve it!

Mom: Yuck, Anna.

Anna: In jelly. I think strawberry jelly is probably best.

Mom: Yeah, it probably is. It would smell best, anyway.

Anna: And then someday I'd show it to my prom date.

Mom: Well...that would be...uh...memorable.

Anna: And when I get married, I'll wait till my husband's asleep and I'll put it on his face so he wakes up and he'll be like WHOA THERE'S A HAND ON MY FACE AND WHY DOES IT SMELL LIKE STRAWBERRY JELLY and I'll hide and he will always wonder how that happened. 

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