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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: These Are The Mom Moments That Get You Through

The text message came over my phone at 4pm.
My daughter often sends me texts in the afternoon, usually griping about her day.
This one, however, was different. It read:

They had a contest for 5-6 grade and it was "Top 10 Kindest and Good for the Community" people and your son won. They announced it over the whole school and I jumped and was like OH YEAH WE ROYALTY NOW and he gets his picture on the wall of fame in the hallway.

And the image of my girl jumping out of her chair in class to scream for her brother's name is every bit as heartwarming as the fact that my son's peers and teachers voted him one of the kindest kids in the school.

So permit me this shining Mom Moment, dear reader. 
I'm going to hold it with both hands, treasuring it for a lifetime.

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  1. Oh well done David on being so awesome that it just shines through...and Ellie you were worried about his transition to the new school. Just shows what great hearts your kids have and what a great job you are doing as a mum that your children can shine and everyone see how awesome they are.