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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mostly Wordless Wednesday - My Fat, Furry Alarm Clock


Hey, you. You gettin' up?

I've been laying here on the nightstand since five a.m. for Pete's sake. Get your act together and shut off this stupid alarm.

Here comes the hand. Let me just give that a quick nip, to aid you in waking.

Oh, sorry. I figured you'd get the hint and scratch me between the ears. 

But you didn't do that so I'd better follow you to the bathroom and lay in the sink so you can't brush your teeth.

Hey, are those black pants? I'd better scissor between your legs as you try to walk down the stairs then. Appearances, you know.

I know you think all I do is laze around all day, but this cat stuff can be real work sometimes. 

Seriously. I'd better lay down for awhile.

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