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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: In A World Without Cheese

In a world without cheese
Nothing is gooey
Nothing has that same salty, chewy, pull-away from your mouth sort of love that food really ought to have
No brie on crusty bread
No pepperjack on a tortilla
No parmesan and ricotta spread artfully between layers of pasta
No scalding layer of mozzarella to slide off a slice and brand your chin
No sharp, biting feta on a folded pita
No burger dripping in processed american cheese
Naked macaroni, helpless and ashamed without its glorious golden covering
Oh, who am I kidding - this diet won't even let me look at macaroni, or pizza, or bread
And as hard as it is giving all of that up, the cheese is the hardest goodbye of all
The truth is there, ringing with the memory of a thousand gooey, orange, yellow or white morsels melting into mouthfuls of deliciousness

I don't want to live in a world without cheese

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