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Monday, September 8, 2014

Hi, My Name Is Ellie, And I Just Became A LOST Addict. It's Been Eleven Hours Since My Last Episode...

Okay, so I've had a rough time lately, Daughter with a concussion, son needed minor surgery on his foot, house is a shambles, air conditioning isn't working, my yard looks like Jurassic Park and I just shelled out over $300 in Emergency Room, Urgent Care and Pediatrician co-pays in the last two weeks.

Cue the weekend, or should I say more specifically, the long-awaited kid-free weekend, and I was ready to unwind. I decided to take Saturday just for little ole me and I refused to do a lick of work. It was pure indulgence. I had a free massage waiting for me, and after I sat in a charming little cafe and wrote for a few hours. Then I decided against going to a movie, deciding instead to hang with my darling Netflix and have a cocktail with my cats.

Don't judge.

But what shall I watch on Netflix? I'd been binge-watching season three of Once Upon A Time as soon as it hit last week, and I needed a little break. (Notice I said "little" - I can't stay away from Captain Hook very long). And I thought to myself, "Self, how about LOST?"

Oh, what a foolish, foolish woman I am.

See, my reasoning was that since I adore Once Upon A Time, I would surely love LOST as well. After all, it's written by Adam Kitsis and Eddie Horowitz, who also write Once, and features several of the Once Upon A Time cast members, as well. What's not to like? And everybody loved  it and even though I know how it all ultimately ends, I figured it might be fun to check it out.

I turned it on at five pm. I finally lost the battle with my eyelids somewhere between three and four am on Sunday. I woke again around ten and continued, forcing myself to shut it off around midnight since I do have a job to go to on Monday morning.

But it's driving me crazy. I'm seriously considering streaming Netflix on my phone at lunchtime. I need to know how Sawyer, Jin and Michael get back to the camp. I need to find out why Jack's marriage ended. I need to know what Kate did that got her in trouble. I need Sayid to dump Shannon, because she doesn't deserve him, the spoiled twat. And oh, do I need Boone to come back to life. Rippling, shirtless life.

Damn you Adam and Eddie, you did it to me again.

I discovered Once Upon A Time part-way through Season 2, and quite by accident. I don't watch much TV, honestly, and it was a kid-free Sunday night. I was flipping around, bored out of my mind and stopped dead at the startling blue eyes of an incredible-looking pirate took over my screen, interspersed with a backstory about two young con artists falling in love. The episode was "Tallahassee," and I was (pardon the play on words) hooked.

I binge-watched Season 1 of Once Upon A Time on Netflix, and since Season 2 wasn't out, I watched the episodes on ABC's website. Then I got rid of cable and found Hulu (thank God, because stupid ABC changed their rules about streaming episodes and you have to wait a week now to see them if you don't have cable or a cable provider that's not on their list) and I've been a faithful viewer ever since.

And now I'm good and sunk because the kids are back to take over the TV or constantly interrupt me while I try to watch, so it'll be later in the week before I can watch again.

I am squirming in my chair and drumming my fingers on the desk like Charlie needing a fix right now just thinking about it.


Oh, Charlie. How adorable are you? And Claire....I hope she's not too overwhelmed with that baby before I can see her again. Or Sawyer. Specifically, shirtless Sawyer. I think I like him best when he pulls the shirt over his head, because truthfully, his face has too much Kid Rock in it to really do it for me. But that bod.....and that drawl.... whoa Nelly.

Don't even get me started on Jack. Or Sayid. Or Desmond's cute little accent. The show is loaded with man-candy. Loaded.

I am so sunk, here.

Netflix, you are entirely too controlling, do you know that? My friends say you're bad for me, but they don't know what you are to me. You are my everything, at least until I'm done binging on this show.

I may never be done binging on this show.

Pass the remote.

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