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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

My Review Of Disney's "Planes: Fire And Rescue"

My daughter was at a sleepover on Friday night, so I took my son to see Planes: Fire and Rescue - mainly because I had a free movie ticket due to my Regal Crown Card. Honestly, I thought Planes was tepid at best (though my son liked it just fine), and I wasn't expecting much. was surprisingly not bad! I have to say it was much better than the first one and the animation on the fire sequences was pretty cool. There were lots of great cameo voices, too - Stiller and Meara as an elderly couple, Eric Estrada as a TV Star from a show called "CHoPs" was adorable.

Then we had Chick-Fil-A and David declared it the most perfect night in the history of ever.

Planes: Fire And Rescue:

David's rating: BIG thumbs up
Mommy's rating: Definite thumbs up

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