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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mostly Wordless Wednesday - Pure Serenity

It was sunset on the beach
My favorite time to be there
The lifeguards have taken their chairs down
Most of the beach has been emptied of people
The kites come out
The kids stay closer to shore in the waning light
The sky gets that wonderful pinky-purply color
And every wave crash and call of a gull sings the song of a sea that's older than time, older than people, predating and creating us all
I scrunch my toes into the wet sand, feeling the water lap around my ankles
Feeling the spray on my face and the breeze lift my hair
I close my eyes
And we are a part of each other
Timeless and moving, changing, surging, receding
I breathe
Content to do that, and only that

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