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Friday, August 8, 2014

Chris Pratt Can Guard My Galaxy Anytime - My Guardians Of The Galaxy Review

Do you know what this is?

This is my kid, giving a hearty thumbs-up to The Guardians of the Galaxy. His mother would have given one, too, but she was too busy fanning herself over Chris Pratt. YUM.

But seriously, folks - this was one awesome fun movie. Lots of action, great CGI, and the humor - oh, the humor. Great guffawing boatloads of sarcastic humor. 

And Groot. Oh, how I love Groot. Everyone loved Groot. We all want a baby dancing Groot. NOW.

Yes, there's violence, but it's not horrific, gratuitous violence, and the over-arching message is that friends make us stronger and better people.

My son ran around for hours afterward, insisting that we call him Starlord. Of course, we'd reply to that with, "Who?" and he'd drop his shoulders, put on a whiney face and say, "Starlord, know...."

If someone had told me five years ago that I'd love a movie with a badass raccoon that was based on a comic book, I would have - as we writers like to say - looked at them askance. I am not askancing now. 

I can't wait until they come together with the Avengers (which, as I understand, is the long-range plan). Awesome meets awesome. The universe may very well implode.

My rating: Two enthusiastic thumbs up and a moist towelette to dab off the drool over Chris Pratt.

David's rating: See pic above.

Anna's rating: "He's not that hot, Mom." "Yes, he is, Anna. What, are you blind?" "Whatever. I'm going to see One Direction on Wednesday.

Guardians of the Galaxy. GO.

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