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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

And Today In The News....Oh, Those Good Old College Days

Did I ever tell you I once floated a severed sheep's head in a campus fountain? No, I'm sure I forgot to mention that. As I recall, I was drunk, and so was another good actor friend of mine, coming from our birthday party (our birthdays were two days apart) and the local food market sold whole, skinned sheep's heads for some reason. Eyes and all! Suddenly, it seemed hilarious to put one in the fountain and leave it bobbing there.

So if you ever saw something that horrific while strolling across campus one late evening in April and have never recovered from the incident - I apologize. I was young, I was drunk, and I still have no idea why I thought that was funny. Now it just seems kinda....well....gross, actually.

Pat, if you're reading was a hell of a party. One for the ages. But that was unhygenic, gross, and not nearly as funny in retrospect.

Sheesh. I sound like a grown-up now.

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