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Thursday, July 3, 2014

You Need To Read This: The Obsessive Joy Of Autism

So amazingly beautiful.

The Obsessive Joy of Autism

Did I ever tell you how much David loves water? When he was a toddler, I could stand him out on the front porch for hours, with a bowl of water a few cups, and he would play.

He would more than play - he would immerse. He would become. He would radiate.

The simple joy of drops of water, falling in succession. The cascade and flow of it from cup to cup that made him squeal and spin in circles. The happy noises and jumping in place as he put his hands in the water, making fists and feeling the water slide through.

Then he got old enough for the pop-up pool, and the joy only amplified as he felt the water slide and splash over every inch of his body. The pop-up pool turned into an above-ground pool a few years back, and now he's in it every single sunshiney day of the summer, and I could watch him for hours, his joy is that utterly contagious.

And I've always wondered what it must be like to be in that mind of his. And I've envied him those times, I really have. 

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