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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: The Ugliest Shoe In The Whole Damn World

I found it at a discount designer shoe store, and I had to take a picture
Still, the picture doesn't quite do it justice
This is one ugly shoe
In my high school days, I would have used the word "fugly"
One fugly shoe
Who in the world would wear such a shoe?
No one, obviously, since it was on the clearance rack.
Who would think this attractive?
The odd, old-lady patterned scarf-like material wrapping the ankle
The garish golden faux-roses
The crimson satin bridge offset by the fuschia toe
And the picture doesn't show the cork wedge holding it all up
If Frankenstein dressed in drag, this would be his shoe
For it is a monstrosity
And yet
Part of me thinks it might be fun to wear that shoe
To see the sheer horror on people's faces as they took it in
To wear it proudly and say the hell with all of them
This shoe makes a statement, and I want to be one of those women who make a statement. I want to be bold. In your face. Free.

This shoe is $39.99 on clearance
If it were under $10, I would be bold
But it's forty dollars out of my pocket
To prove that I have what it takes to wear an ugly shoe with pride
Guess it'll have to be someone else's badge of honor

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