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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mostly Wordless Wednesday - It's Not As Creepy As It Seems

My son removes the heads from his action figures
I'm used to seeing toy trucks full of headless Lego guys
and headless others hanging about
The other day, I took a shower
and headless Bilbo Baggins was shooting the breeze
with headless Norm from Avatar
I know it seems kind of creepy, but I asked him once
"Why do you take their heads off?"
He shrugged and smiled and said
"They don't need them."
He knows which figure is which, head or no
And really, it makes sense, in a convoluted, autism-kind-of-way
The face is one of the last things he notices about somebody
A lot of times, he has to be prompted to make eye contact
Because it just doesn't come naturally
He notices instead the way they hold their body, or the way they walk
The cadence of their voice or the color of their hair
I just asked him what color my eyes were
And it took him three guesses to get it right
It's just not important
But he shows me every day that I'm important
In spite of my superfluous head

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