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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Caught You

Doors slam and voices raise
Shouts of Mooooom! Fill the air
It escalates to toys hitting the walls
Feet pounding down stairs or across the floor
He hit me!
She hit me!
Don't push your sister!
You! Stop egging him on!
Sent to their separate corners
Glaring and far from duly chastised
I throw my hands up in exasperation
Even as I remember how often and how fiercely my brothers and I once fought

Then: silence
And I look to where they threw the blankets and pillows down on the living room floor
I see them both
He's using her as a chair to watch TV from, upside down
His hand twined around hers
She's tickling him
I'm smart enough not to let them know I caught them having fun with each other

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