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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Farewell To The Playground Days

The playground days are almost over
Less than a month of school left now
Today he tours the middle school
Awash in a sea of changing classrooms, and lockers, and new faces
Faces who don't know that great kid, David, who has autism
Faces who won't be protecting him
Faces that I fear may someday be targeting him
We all know how middle school can be
Well, everyone, except David
He's just along for the ride, and he'll figure it out
He always does
Even when I'm so afraid for him
He makes it work anyway
Soon enough, they'll all know that kid, David, who has autism
And maybe, if we're both lucky, they won't even give the autism a second thought
He certainly doesn't

Today, he walks the halls of the middle school
While I look back longingly at that playground

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