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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Six Reasons Why I'd Take Flynn Rider Over Kristoff from Frozen ANYTIME

I loved Frozen. I really, really did. Great songs, great story, wonderful humor...but when all is said and done, there's only one Disney Dude for me. So allow me to present just a few of the reasons why Kristoff is sweet, but my heart belongs to Flynn Rider:

1. Aesthetics

Great hair
Better nose than
depicted in print

Picks nose
Doesn't smell better
than a reindeer

2. Ambition

Wants a Castle
Wants a sleigh 
with a cupholder

3. Transportation

Rides his mighty stallion
like a boss
Rides a cute, but 
dopey reindeer

4. Entertainment

Takes you dancing 
at a street fair
Takes you up a mountain
in the bitter cold with
wolves attacking you

5. Facial Expression

Still looks hot 
even when he's mad
Looks like he took a 
double dose of Nyquil

6. Romance

Sings to you on a romantic boatride he arranged just so you could have the best possible view of the sight you've waited your entire life to see

Sings to his reindeer

And Finally...The Smoulder

Now really, who could compete with that? 
He had me at the smoulder.

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