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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Once Upon A Time - Season 3, Episode 19 Recap: Footwear Is Powerful Magic, People


We begin in the Enchanted Forest during the forgotten year, and Snow and David (along with Aurora and Philip) are preparing to announce publicly that the Prince's seed has found purchase in the fertile field of his wife's womb. Regina's in a gorgeous gown, but for some reason, they've got her in this blinding white kabuki-style makeup that just looks really...odd.

Anway, Belle shows up and tells them all about Neal's effort to resurrect Rumple and that Zelena now has the dagger. Aurora and Regina tell Snow (looking resplendant in her maternity wear) that now isn't the time for a baby announcement, but Snow won't hear of it. She wants to proclaim her bloating belly and swollen ankles to the world!

That's when Aurora confesses that the witch is after a baby, specifically Snow's baby - mainly because Aurora and Phillip totally told Zelena they were here.


Zelena promptly turns them both into flying monkeys and freezes them all in place while she fondles Snow's belly in a really creepy way.

Forward eight months (still in the Enchanted Forest) and everyone's at a round-table trying to figure out how to best Zelena. Snow mentions that last time evil threatened her unborn child, she was warned by Rumple about it. Regina suggest they break into Rumple's castle and see if he can't let them know what Zelena wants the baby for.

Robin volunteers to lead the posse (over Regina's objections), since he's broken into Rumple's place before. He gets all up in Regina's face and finally, Snow overrules Regina, and Robin's plan is decided upon.

Forward to Storybrooke, where Regina and Robin are sucking face in the back hallway of Granny's. She mentions that once she gets her heart back, she'll really sizzle and he gallantly tells her to use his for the both of them in the meantime.


And there's Henry! He (of course) addresses her as "Madam Mayor" instead of Mom and heads into the diner for some pancakes.

Meanwhile, Emma, Snow, David and Regina are trying to figure out how to best Zelena. Regina mentions that in order to cast the curse, Zelena had to have given the heart of something she loves most - which would be hard considering Zelena doesn't love much of anything but Zelena.

Snow wonders if they didn't somehow find a way to thwart her during that forgotten year, leaving Zelena with the curse as her only option for getting what she wanted. They need to get their memories back - perhaps they already know how to defeat her. And once they do, they've got a savior.

Emma's not so sure. Since she's been back, she's believed and kissed Henry, and the curse still hasn't broken. Regina realizes that it's Henry who needs to believe. They need the story book.

On the outskirts of town, Zelena has ordered Rumple to apprehend Hook, and he pulls up in his car with Hook in the trunk.

"Why haven't you used those luscious lips to kiss Emma?" she demands.

"Well, a fellow likes to be courted," Hook snarks.

She threatens Henry again, and tells Hook to get with the smoochin'.


Flashback to the Enchanted Forest again, and Regina is just merrily traipsing into Rumple's castle, despite Robin's warnings that it's booby-trapped. She reaches for a door and he hits it with an arrow, tripping the trap and it bursts into flame. Regina gets pissy and Robin replies, "Where I come from, a simple 'thank you' will suffice." Regina snarks back haughtily with "Where you come from, people bathe in the river and use pine cones for money."

They find Rumple babbling in his cage. Belle manages to get through to him and he reveals the answer to stopping Regina: light. They need the Good Witch of the South, Glinda. She's been banished into the Enchanted Forest, behind a magical door that only the pure of heart can pass through.

Forward to Storybrooke and Snow decides to they need to head over to her place and search the closet. Emma lets Henry know she's got to check on a lead and he stops her, demanding that she give him some real answers. He's frustrated as hell and she snaps at him, then he asks her for her keys so he can get back into the room and get his Gameboy.

Instead he sneaks out the back toward Emma's car, only to find Killian waiting for him. He saw right through Henry's escape attempt. He won't let Henry drive but he offers to sail him away if he'd like.

Over at the apartment, the others are searching the closet and David wonders why it is that women keep their shoeboxes.


"Because after true love, there is no more powerful magic than footwear," Snow assures him.

Emma searches a box of scarves and comes up empty, but Snow tries and there it is. Regina snags the book, hoping for an insight into what it was that Zelena loved, because that's her weakness.

Snow asks Emma why she's been all PMSing and Emma confesses that she hasn't missed being tangled up in fractured fairy tales and fighting villains and curses. Snow guesses that Emma is planning on taking Henry away when this is over, and that goes over like a lead balloon.

Flashback to the Enchanted Forest, and Snow, David and Regina are looking for the magic doorway in the middle of the woods (and damn, but Regina's cloak is magnificent).


As Regina's bitching about wild goose chases, a door suddenly appears. It's literally a door in a frame, looking like it's leading to nowhere. Snow steps through, followed by David into another realm, but when Regina steps through, she's only on the other side of the door and still in the Enchanted Forest.

Snow and David meet Glinda, who tells them that her light magic can't defeat Zelena. She does clue them into Zelena's emerald pendant, which can be removed by a purveyor of the strongest light magic.


Snow realizes that Glinda means Emma, and in order to get to Emma, they'll have to enact the dark curse.

They get back to Regina, who thinks this is a lousy plan. Regina can't cast it because the thing she loves most is Henry, and there's no way to get to him (nor would she do it).

Forward into Storybrooke, where Hook is at the dock with Henry, intent on getting him to New York and out of Zelena's reach when they're attacked by flying monkeys. Hook pulls out a gun and starts blasting them away, then Emma, David, Regina and Snow show up to route the rest of them.

Emma grabs Henry and apologizes to him for not telling him the truth. She asks him to believe in magic. She hands him the book and he takes it, instantly getting his memories back. He looks at Regina and calls her Mom and we all go awwwww! But before Emma can kiss him, Zelena poofs him away and puts her hands around Henry's throat. She tells Emma that this is all Hook's fault. He didn't follow through for her and now Henry's going to pay the price. Regina tries to take her out and gets blasted, so Emma summons up her white magic and burns Zelena's hands away. She poofs off, only temporarily thwarted.

Flashback to the Enchanted Forest, and Regina has cooked up the curse, all but it's final ingredient, anyway. David demands that Snow cast the curse by taking his heart. They share an incredibly touching goodbye, and I can't possibly capture these lines and these performances. I'll let you watch:

Suddenly, Zelena shows up claiming that she's still going to win. She dumps a forgetting potion in with the curse. It may be unstoppable, but without any of them remembering how to defeat her, or even being able to recognize her, all of this was for nothing.

She taunts Snow with the knowledge that David's sacrifice was in vain, and she won't even remember it. Instead she'll be endlessly wandering, looking for him back in Storybrooke.

"Pay attention sis," she says to Regina. "This is how you take away a happy ending."

Regina actually looks at her with some begrudging admiration. This is some serious cold-hearted shit.

Forward to Storybrooke, where Henry is trying to revive Regina. She comes around, holding him close and kissing his forehead and blammo!


Curse broken!! Everyone remembers everything because of True Love's kiss. Snow lets Emma know that she cast the curse and Emma wants to know how that's possible, if David's still here.

Flashback again to the Enchanted Forest, and Snow can't bear to be without her man, and begs Regina to split her own heart in half, giving the other half to David. She believes her heart is strong enough for both of them. Not sure it'll work, but willing to try, Regina split the heart, ramming a half into each of their chests. David awakes with a gasp, kisses his wife, and the curse takes them all.


Forward in Storybrooke, Henry and Regina are catching up and it's wonderful. He wants to know about the guy mom was kissing and he's thrilled to hear it's Robin Hood. Robin shows up and they walk off together, the picture of a happy family unit.

Meanwhile, Emma's raging pissed at Hook for lying to her and putting Henry in danger, and she refuses to listen to his reasons. David barges in and adds that Hook also lied before - they didn't send him the bird bearing the message with the memory retrieving potion. Hook's clearly surprised to hear that, and has no idea who did.

Back to the Enchanted Forest again, as Zelena is concocting a memory-retrieving potion. She makes enough for two, and takes a dose herself before offering the rest to Rumple. At first he plans on taking it to remember Bae, but Neal morphs out into the open and stops him, writing the note to Hook and sending the potion with a bird, knowing that Hook will find his way to Emma. Then he stumbles back into Rumple and the curse takes them away.

Emma and Henry pay a visit to Neal's grave along with her parents, and Snow suddenly goes into full-on labor as we end the episode.

I'll give this one five hooks out of five.

Even though I want to punch Emma in the face for the way she railed at Hook, it was awesome seeing Regina break the curse with True Love and the death scene between the Charmings was a real heart-wrencher (literally!)

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