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Thursday, March 27, 2014

"Quiche on the Keyboard" And Other Great Works Of Literary Fiction

I am a master at novel titles. Honest to God. I could write a book.

Or maybe not.

Seriously, though, I have a thing about catchy phrases that would make wonderful novels. I spilled quiche on my keyboard  yesterday and I suddenly thought, "What a great title!"

And then the whole story unfolded before me. A food blogger returns home to help care for her dying, estranged mother and together they collaborate on a cookbook of old, family recipes - a legacy that Mom wants to leave behind.

It'd be a tearjerker for sure. I can already see Meryl Streep as the mother and they'd better damn well get Sandra Bullock as the daughter because I love me some Sandra Bullock.

Anyway, I come up with great book titles, but I don't always have the story to go with them. Here are a few of my personal favortites:

Chubby Hiney and the Great Chili Cookoff

Righteous Indigo Nation

Bob Marley's Raised Brow

Listing in the Wind

A Practical Guide to Hiking Without Pants

Oh, I've got a million of  'em. Too bad I don't have the stories. Not yet, anyway. But when they do finally bloom in my mind, they're sure to be magnificent.

And they'll have Sandra Bullock written all over them.

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