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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I Got My Feelings Hurt On The Internet

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I Got My Feelings Hurt On The Internet

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  1. You don't know me. Chance are we will never met face to face. It doesn't matter. Please put you arms in the air while breathing in and reach for the ceiling, as HARD as you can.....slowly lower them breathing out...Your response to this was good and makes sense. It was also responsible and generous to show a range of what happened in your mind before you responded....Giving your readers your human and vulnerable thoughts shows maturity and wisdom; someone who knows to let an idea/thought mature a bit before firing off a hostile or purely hurt response... My son, partner and myself are all on the spectrum....going thru the loss and recovery of divorce for so many people to see is bound to generate many handle it well. (Some people 'get off on' bringing others down and raging on comment comes from having something broken inside they cannot see, and empathy for their emptiness and suffering is something few achieve...You sound balanced and healthy...and that is refreshing, as many people in your place go to "bitter" and stay there.)