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Friday, February 28, 2014

The First Nine Months Of This Winter Were Okay, But I'm Kind Of Over It Now

Do you see this map? Do you?

That's me in the purple.

That's me in the spotlight.

Losing my religion.

Honestly, was it too much to ask that the last batch get at least close to melting off before we get dumped on again? I'm not even talking about seeing my grass, here. I'm only just getting to see the tops of my bushes.

I am not kidding.

See how I am not kidding?

I am done with you, winter. DONE.

(And my offer is still open regarding the shoveling of snow...)

I'll end this by sharing a wonderful montage titled "The People vs. Winter". 

SPOILER ALERT: Winter wins.

Happy Friday, and try to stay warm, wherever you are.

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