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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Remember When?

Remember when he used to sneak into her bed at night
Carrying that raggedy stuffed kitten
And she always lifted the covers, whispering to him to be quiet
Or Mom will hear

Mom heard
And the secret is that Mom didn't mind at all
Sometimes, if they giggled too long or too loud
I'd threaten until they quieted down
And they always did
Because they didn't want to sleep alone

Those days are gone now
She's nearly a teen and keeps to her room
Except for the times she sneaks in to talk to me
He's made a decade and likes to sleep with his door closed
Because the cats like to sit on him and he doesn't like that

But sometimes, at night, I can almost hear the covers rustling
The echoes of the giggles
The soft sighs and long stretches and yawns
So I steal into their rooms to watch them sleep

And I remember when

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