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Friday, January 17, 2014

I Have Been Nominated For A Superstar Blogger Award :)

I am completely thrilled to accept the Superstar Blogger Award from the incredibly poetic and talented inevertoldher. I have to admit, I was a casual reader of hers and when I went back to really get to know her, I got punched more than once right in the feels. I love the way you use your words, Polly. Thank you so much for nominating me!
Now, as per the rules, I will answer your questions.

1.  What is the funniest thing about you? 
Spontaneity. I can come up with some of the most ridiculous crap right off the top of my head. It'll either make you laugh out loud or get me in a lot of trouble.
2.  Who is your favorite personality? 
Mel Brooks. What's not to love? The man is a class act all the way to the bone.
3.  What is your lucky thing?
That would be my kids. They remind me nearly every day just how very lucky I am. When I don't want to sell them for medical experiments, that is.
4.  What is your favorite weather?
I find rain to be incredibly romantic and thunder and lightening are a huge turn-on. I do not, however, enjoy driving in it.
5.  A name that you want to give me.
"The Vault" - I am known among my friends for having a bizarre vault in my brain that stores completely useless trivia. You'd be amazed at what I can pull out of there. Seriously.
Finally, here are my nominations for the Superstar Blogger Award.  Please be sure to visit these blogs!

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