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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Great And Fantastic Calling-In-Favors-And-Taking-Donations Spur Of The Moment Vacation

What a week!

For starters, this is my vacation week, but I wasn't feeling the love. I got the word two weeks ago that I might be losing my job, and was asked to re-interview for my position smack in the middle of my vacation week. Awesome.

So, of course, I cancelled any plans I had for a few days at that nice little lake resort with the reasonably priced hotel rooms, and planned to spend my vacation watching my kids go stir crazy around the house.

And then the donations came in.
One lovely neighbor has a membership to the local pool, something I can't afford. She offered her guest passes to us for Monday. We took them gratefully and had a blast.

A coworker had an expired gift certificate for a local hotel near work - not a four star place by any means, but decent enough. A phone call to the sales manager got the certificate extended, and the coworker told me to take it and enjoy. So Tuesday night, the kids and I checked in and then we hung out at a huge mall nearby and did a tiny bit of school shopping, and then we saw a movie and settled in. To the kids, any hotel room is an adventure!

I even ordered room service - nothing huge, just an order of buffalo wings, since it was late and everything nearby was closed. Anna was thrilled because it was her first ever room service order. The $25 was worth it for her reaction alone.

I went over to my interview Wednesday morning, leaving the kids watching cartoons in the room. Once that was done and over with, we headed off to a local inflatable bounce party place that offers two hour open bounce sessions on weekdays. The kids had a blast and it only set me back $18. Then I got an idea.

I remembered that a vendor who my company does a lot of business with once told me to call her if I ever wanted a great rate at her hotel. So, I did. I asked her if she could give me a better rate than our standard, and within half an hour, she called me back and reserved me a room - gratis!! And what a room! A full-on executive suite with polished marble bathroom floors and a balcony view. The kids were so impressed! We went to another movie and chilled in luxury that night.

Thursday dawned as a beautiful 80 degree day, and I realized that in this hotel, we were almost an hour closer to the beach than if we were at home. We already had swimsuits with us -what the heck! I shook the kids awake, declared a spontaneous beach day and away we went!

We dove and splashed and ate great pizza and played a lot of skee ball and swam and built sandcastles and had what turned out to be the best beach day ever. We didn't get home till after midnight, and by then we were good and slap-happy. We fell into bed, in a giggling, exhausted heap and slept like logs until way too late this morning. And it's all good.

It's all really, really good. A little spontaneity goes a long, long way.

Now if someone would just come and do my laundry for me....

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