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Friday, July 5, 2013

This Is Me, Working, Working, Working

Yes, it is the Friday after an Independence Day Thursday, and I am at my day job.

It is a complete ghost town in here. I think I saw a tumbleweed go by! There is almost no one in the office!

Why in the world would anyone take off on a day like this if they weren't traveling somewhere?

First of all, I've gotten more work cleared off my desk in three hours than I could do in three days if everyone was around. Second, I got to take a nice, leisurely lunch without worrying about rushing back for a meeting or because somebody might be standing at my desk at 12:59 wondering where I am. Third, I can write my blog post over that lunch break without worrying who might walk up and see me (God forbid!) blogging.

Not that I write about work in the blog - I try as much as possible to avoid the subject altogether except to say I like my job and I work with great people. But I digress.

Today, I work with practically nobody, and that's fine with me. And I have an extra day off to use for days when I really do need a vacation.

I call that a win/win.

Happy 5th of July, everyone!

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