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Monday, July 22, 2013

So I Bought The Wonder Woman Underwear. Oh Yes. Yes, I Did.

I was kid-free this past weekend since my kids were with their Dad, and I decided to stop by my favorite place on earth, Tar-jhay (or Target, for those of you who don't go there as much as I do). I went for my daughter, of course, who needed some new underwear. And while I was there I remembered an entire cartload of things I suddenly needed, including the DVD of The Green Lantern, which features, well, Ryan Reynolds. In his underwear and in tight, green spandex.

For my son, you understand.

I also bought him a copy of the live-action 'George of the Jungle' a few months back, because he loves all those animatronic apes that cavort around young Brendan Fraser who appears for most of the movie in a loincloth.

Where was I again? Oh yes, shopping.

So I'm pushing my cart through Target, humming a happy tune to myself as I peruse the brightly colored throw pillows in home goods. I turned my cart toward the lingerie section and there they were, front and center on an end-cap display, screaming my name so loudly they might as well have been Ryan Reynolds chained up in my basement.

Wonder Woman Underwear.

And I bought them. Oh yes. Yes, I did.

They are red and cartoonish and utterly perfect. And I am wearing them right now and I feel...powerful. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe because they stand for something.

As the mom of a special-needs kid - especially as the single mom of a special-needs kid - I've been told before that I'm Wonder Woman. My friends are wonderful, supportive people and they are my biggest cheerleaders. I always thank them demurely and tell them that I'm not a super woman. I'm just doing what any Mom would do, if she had to do it.

But then I turn around and tell other Moms in my situation that they are Wonder Women, all of them. And I mean it.

And I realized yesterday, that I never really think of myself that way. Why?

It's not that I'm better or stronger or smarter or harder-working than other moms (whether their kids have special needs or not). I'm not better. But I'm as good as. And if Wonder Woman underwear are going to remind me that I'm a force to be reckoned with, then into the cart they should go.

And they did. And I took them home, photographed them for posterity, washed them, and today they sit in a place of honor over the ass that all my past naysayers can kiss without the benefit of flavored lip balm.

Maybe I'll spend today working actively toward some of the stuff I keep telling myself is out of reach. Maybe I'll do something just for me. Maybe I'll teach myself to skateboard or juggle or knit. Yes! I could make a lasso of truth to use on Ryan Reynolds, should our paths ever cross.

Ryan, I'm the woman for you. You need to admit that. And if you don't....well, it is a lasso. And my basement has its own bathroom. Just sayin'.

Fear me world, for today, I am Wonder Woman.

Courtesy of Target.

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