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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh, The Unmitigated Joy Of A Giant, Cruising Wiener

I dragged myself out of bed today and it wasn't easy. I had the most vivid dream of my life and it involved a man I've never met before but would very much like to - especially after that dream. Whoa.

OK, so I really need to start dating. Soon.


I was groggy and cranky and a dozen other irritable adjectives as I climbed into my car and began my forty-plus mile commute into work. The road droned on ahead of me, slow people got in front of me in the left lane and somebody stupid was too afraid to pass a tractor-trailer.

Same old, same old.

That is, until I saw a giant, cruising weiner. Yes, the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile was in my area, presumably to celebrate National Hot Dog Day.
I instantly turned into a little kid at Christmas, clapping my hands in glee, honking my horn as I passed and waving like a nutjob.

The Wienermobile! Yeah!

All was right in my world, and the birds were singing and life was a song because a giant, cruising processed meat idol made my morning. And of course, I told everyone I worked with all about it. Everyone.

I was the queen of the office. Did you hear? I passed the Wienermobile this morning! Yes, really! It's National Hot Dog Day, you know...

The word spread like wildfire! Ellie saw the Wienermobile! Yes, she really did!

For my non-native coworkers (I'm in a global department), I was a wealth of wieneriffic knowledge as I cruised Google and told them all the history of that fabulous rolling tube mock-up of nitrate-laden meat by-product.

I was happy, so happy in my wonderful wiener world.

Thank you, Oscar Mayer, for giving meaning to my world on this beautiful, not-the-same-old-same-old day.

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