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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

You'll Excuse Me As I Punch A Wall Or Something

Florida teacher caught on camera as he grabs an autistic boy and throws him to the ground, pulling him up again by the hair.

I get that children on the spectrum can be difficult. As a mother of a child with autism, nobody gets that better than I do. But if you're overloaded and can't handle the situation a moment longer, you call for backup and you get out of there.

And the school you're teaching for? They'd better have the backup in place, because teaching special ed kids  is an incredibly stressful job. They'd also better be screening their applicants with an inordinate amount of care. It takes a special person to work with special needs. Not just anyone is up to it.

I am so furious and sick right now after reading this. And the worst part? You know it's not that isolated of a case. We hear about them all the time, and those are the one we hear about. How many go unreported because our children aren't able to tell us? How many?

My heart hurts.

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