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Monday, June 24, 2013

Here I Am, Being Played. And I'm OK With That

Anna went to a sleepover last night, leaving me and David behind to enjoy each other's company.

We've been doing a lot of that lately. With summer here, Anna has more free time with her friends, and I'm a lot more willing to allow a mid-week sleepover (at someone else's house - I still work full time, after all). She's been taking advantage of all of it, and honestly, it feels like I haven't seen her much lately.

She rolled in suddenly this morning as I was getting ready for work, running upstairs to change her clothes. Before she went up, she asked me to find the thermometer, because she felt like she had a fever. I tested her forehead and it seemed OK to me, but you never know.

When she came back down, she didn't say a word, just opened her mouth and let me put the thermometer in. It climbed quickly...99...100...101...102...102.3...and sure enough, she had a fever.

I gave her a dose of Advil, sent her straight to bed, called out of work and checked on her every few hours as she slept. Her friends' worried Moms called the house to find out how she went from laughing and jumping around like a loon at the sleepover to sick as a dog so quickly.

Stuff just happens sometimes, y'know.

Except she left the upstairs sink faucet still turned all the way to hot. And every subsequent taking of her temp after that (even well after the Advil wore off) showed her fever-free. And she woke up, wanting soda and junk food.And most of all, she didn't want to be in bed and insisted on coming downstairs to hang on the couch with me.

I do believe my daughter ran some hot water, held it in her mouth, and faked a temperature. I believe that because God knows I did it to my own mother a time or two. And you know what?

It's OK.

We hung on the couch and partook of our favorite bonding activity: watching "Charmed" on Netflix. And we watched funny YouTube videos on her phone. And we laughed at the cats and their antics. And we listened to her brother singing along with Disney at the top of his lungs from the other room. And we had a serious discussion about how many hot guys there are named Chris.

For example:

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Evans
Chris Pine

And that guy Chris that she liked in Math class, of course. Let's not forget him.

I think, perhaps, my daughter was just sick of not being home and not being around her family.

And I think I caught the same thing. Maybe it's good that we both took a day off and just remedied that.

Tomorrow, it's back to our regularly scheduled lives, I guess.

Do you ever take "chill" days with your kids?

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