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Thursday, April 25, 2013

I Am Not Above Using Children To Do My Grunt Work

Today was "Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work" Day, and my employer had a wonderful program in place. I had planned to take both kids, but unfortunately, today was also the day of David's class field trip, so only Anna got to come along for the ride.

The kids were all in scheduled activities until the early afternoon, and after that, they were expected to "shadow" their parent until the end of the work day.


As any parent knows, this means you won't get a thing done, and if you're someone who needs to get things done, you try to find a way to figure this out. Several of them approached me to see if we had anything we could busy these kids with, and the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

I had a huge busywork kind of project - not a burning priority, but it still needed to get done. It involved hard copies of old training records that needed to be photocopied and then alphabetized. It would have taken me weeks to do it in the small blocks of time I could spare, but with a dozen kids fueled by sodas, cookies and Twizzlers, it was mostly done by quitting time.

Child labor. I'm a huge fan.

The kids, for the most part had fun, too. It was only after they'd been at it over an hour that they started to say "this is getting to be not as much fun anymore." Welcome to work, kids. Not always fun. But after a short sugar-laden break, they dug in and slogged through and together, we all completed the task.

Mission accomplished, and I look like a superstar for riding herd on them all so their parents could work. I call that a win/win.

Now I need a "Bring our Sons and Daughters Into The Laundry Room" day...

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