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Monday, March 18, 2013

This Is Me, Swinging From My Own Hair

Oh, how I love my friends.

I have an amazing group of online friends who support me, laugh at my ridiculous humor, send me big, fuzzy virtual hugs right when I need them, and above all, they keep it real.

Like yesterday, for instance.

One of my amazing friends is coping with the death of a spouse. And when I say coping, I mean "handling this with an amazing amount of strength and grace." He keeps himself busy and he's coping in the ways that work for him.

Yesterday he posted on Facebook all about his productive weekend, handling various household and personal projects, and another of my terrific friends commented, "I can't tell you how much I admire that you stay productive and busy doing positive comforting things instead of wallowing (literally) on a couch eating Fritos or something all day. I totally would understand the wallowing and Fritos but I really admire that you stay so busy and don't do that."

And I read this as I sat in my jammie pants on my couch. Eating Fritos.


I had been a slug all day, and there's no denying it. I did the bare minimum of housework, and lazed in indolent splendor for the rest of my weekend. Which would be fine if (a) I hadn't just done that the last kid-free weekend I had and (b) I didn't have a book I need to finish.

Then, to ice that slothful cupcake, I switched on the DVD player intending to watch a movie and my son had left "Tangled" in there. I love love love Tangled, so I figured, what the heck, I'll go with it.

And there was Rapunzel, bigger than life, singing her heart out as she did a million things, wondering when her life will begin. And she can wonder that, because she's trapped in a tower.

Me, not so much.

I may feel like my ass is growing roots into the couch on occasion, but I'm hardly trapped there. So I switched off the TV (sorry, Rapunzel - catch up with you later!), climbed down out of my proverbial tower on a rope of my own proverbial hair, pulled out the laptop, and wrote and wrote and wrote.

And it was good.

I guess sometimes, you have to listen to your friends and sing along with Disney.

Tangled (c) Walt Disney Pictures

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