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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Guess What? Autism Doesn't Care If You Need A Sick Day

My son and I have a silly game we play. My hands have somehow become his children. Seriously.

It all started when we were in the waiting room at the Dentist's office, and I was trying to keep him busy by making my hand talk to him in a high, silly voice, which he loved. That morphed to the other hand as well over the course of the following days. Then he ended up naming them - Jeffrey and Audrey - and they became brother and sister and of course, they fight and they misbehave and they do silly things all the time.

And right now, they are mute because Mommy is sick and her throat is killing her and she can't make their voices. David doesn't understand this. Yes, he sees that Mommy is sick. But that shouldn't change the game. The game must be played, regardless.

It's very hard not to lose patience sometimes, especially when you're not feeling well. But I'm disrupting something that's become routine with my illness, and he's not liking that. Not at all.

And I'm trying not to be too secretly relieved that I don't have to talk in  a high, silly voice again and again. And again. And a few more times after that.

Autism. It doesn't do sick days.

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