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Friday, December 21, 2012

A Blood Pressure Drug Might Be Effective In Dampening Some Autistic Behaviors

I came across a news item earlier this month and meant to share it. It turns out that a drug commonly used to treat high blood pressure has had some clinical success in helping to dampen certain behaviors associated with autism.

The drug known as Bumetanide was administered in a study at the Institute of Neurobiology of the Mediterranean Sea in Bohars, France and published December 11th in the journal Translational Psychiatry

The medication seemed to have more pronounced effect in children with milder forms of autism. Some of the improvements seen included more eye contact, improved non-verbal communication and better social communication.

The side effects were reported to be mild, and the children had to be monitored for their potassium levels, which may be affected by the medication. The children would need to be on the medication indefinitely, however, since the improvements deteriorated as soon as the medication stopped.

I find all of this fascinating and definitely worthy of more study. I'm not sure I'd want David on something that could affect his blood pressure long-term, though. I'll need to be talking this over with his pediatrician and I'd need to see more study done on it before I'd even consider it.

It's good to know we might be on the right track, though. Baby steps forward, as always.

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