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Monday, October 8, 2012

Welcome To Blogville, Population: Blah

It's time for me to blog again, so here I go.

Bloggity, bloggity, blog, blog, blog.


I have just not been in a bloggy state of mind. I haven't got witty commentary or scathing commentary or insightful commentary or self-indulgent commentary to offer on anything, because right now, nothing's getting through on that level.

I'm just....blah.

I've got tons of stress at home right now, my life feels like it's rotating in some bizarre-but-boring kind of limbo and in short, I'm just plain burnt out.

And on top of it, I was so cranky that I yelled at the cat tonight for standing on my boobs when I was trying to sleep, waking my kids up and further aggravating me to the point where I'm up in the wee hours writing about how I don't feel like writing. Swell.

I am not fit company for anyone today, so you're all going to have to give me a pass. Hopefully, tomorrow will bring a better day and a visit from the creativity fairy, who'll take a big, imaginative dump on my head and leave me with a brain full of blog fodder.

Here's hoping.

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