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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dreamworks Studios Helping To Fund Movie Industry's Vocational School For Students With Autism

Exceptional Minds is a school and working studio within the movie industry for young adults on the autism spectrum. This week, Dreamworks Studios made a significant donation to the program.

“We were incredibly impressed with the passion and work of the students at Exceptional Minds and continue to be inspired by the work they are doing," comments Dina Strada, the Manager of Events and Communications for DreamWorks.

The school opened in 2011 and features a three-year program, which includes technical training for Adobe (ACA) certification, job readiness skills and a professional reel/portfolio that graduates can use to seek employment in the fields of animation, computer graphics and visual effects.

Previous donors include Hollywood stars Ed Asner and Tom Hanks, corporations from the private sector, and autism-related organizations. It's the only school of its kind within the motion picture industry, and it even has title work for a major motion picture under its belt now.

I can't begin to tell you the value of these kind of programs - programs that seek to use the skills and attentiveness to detail that people with autism have in abundance. Instead of seeing a challenge in a person with autism, they saw an opportunity and it's making a difference in their lives and in the industry as a whole. 

With a little luck, and a whole lot of persistence, maybe they can set a precedent and show the world that a person with autism is a person of value to many businesses and corporations. All it takes is the right opportunity and the right kind of training. The work is out there, and our sons and daughters want to be out there, too. 

Let's give everyone a chance to part of the whole.

Click here to learn more about Exceptional Minds!

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