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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sometimes, Single Motherhood Is Just A Giant Pain In The Arse

Most of the time, I'm handling the single mother thing OK. Honestly, it's been easier in some ways. The kids and I have found our own groove about things like free time and recreational activities, and the fact that they're with their Dad every other weekend gives me plenty of free time to do stuff that they would normally get in the way of - cleaning, writing, seeing a movie I want to see - stuff like that.

Yesterday, though, I was missing my husband. A LOT.

We're still on vacation, so we loaded everything into the beach cart and made the 2 1/2 block trek to the stairs that take you up to the beach access area, then across the loooong expanse of sand to the marked, lifeguarded swimming area and then I took everything out of the cart and set it all up - blanket, chair, towels over the cart, cooler bag set in the shade of the cart....there's a whole system in play.

We ran for the water, and about ten minutes in, David suddenly decided he had to go to the potty. I made him go before we left, but he apparently needed the facilities again. And I have the only kid in the world that won't pee in the ocean. I know that's a good thing, but it sure was annoying at the time. Especially since there are no bathrooms closer on the beach than the ones at the house we're renting.

If I'd had a husband with me, he could have walked David back or stayed with Anna while I did. Those days are gone, and I had a kid who had to go.

So we packed every blessed thing up, hauled it all back across the sand, and headed back to the house, with Anna complaining loudly the whole way, voicing everything I felt like saying but wouldn't. I felt like a real jerk for being annoyed at my kid for not peeing in the ocean, so that just made me even more cranky.

This single mom stuff is really annoying sometimes.

Especially when your kid has proper toileting habits.

And you're too cranky to be proud of that.

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