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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

One Great, Big Single Mom Perk: I Get To See The Avengers - Without My Kids Watching Me Drool

One of the few plusses to being a newly single Mom is that I now have something I never had before while married: kid-free days and nights. My time is my own on those occasions - what a heady thought! It wasn't easy in the beginning - on my kids' first night with their father, I lay sobbing in my daughter's bed, clutching my son's forgotten favorite stuffed kitty and wondering what I was missing in their lives during these moments. What happened to my daughter at school that day? Did my son wonder why Mom wasn't there to kiss him goodnight? It was rough.

It slowly got better as we all got used to the new. Suddenly, my weekends weren't always defined by what the kids wanted to do or what I wanted to do with them. I had free time and I could do whatever I wanted with it. The mind boggled! And soon I realized just how very much I missed going to the movies.

We didn't do movies much. Kids movies had only recently become do-able. We just had to wait for David to grow up a bit, and be able to sit that long. Still, the second half of just about any kid's movie is spent with all eighty pounds of David in my lap, in an effort to keep him quiet and not disturbing others.

Of course, adult movies just plain don't happen when you have no family to watch your kids. We were also caretakers for an older relative, one whom young, teenage babysitters shouldn't have to be in charge of as well. I more or less resigned myself to having to catch movies on TV or Netflix, when I had the time to view them (which was practically never).

That is, until now. I've been seeing movies - lots and lots of movies! All by myself with a kid's pack of popcorn/soda/candy (great because it's only $5.75 and gives me just the right amount of popcorn and not so much soda that I'll go running for the bathroom in the middle of the movie). And I can see whatever I want - chick flicks my ex would have hated, artsy films, silly films, bad Sci-Fi....oh, it's been marvelous! We even have a new theater just up the road that shows after-run movies for $2 - SCORE!!!

Which brings me to my current movie obsession.

You see, David is now old enough and in control of himself enough to see not-just-for-kid movies. The only caveat is that I have to see them first in order to evaluate them. As a child with autism, too many bright or flashing lights, and too much reverberating sound can sometimes overwhelm him. It's not an all-the time thing, but if I can see the movie first and I can warn him to cover his ears because it's going to get loud, he does just fine.

So, of course, I had to go see The Avengers by myself. For my son, you understand. For research purposes.

Oh, let's tell the truth, here, ladies: The Avengers is pure, unadulterated mommy-porn. I don't think I was physically able to close my mouth through the entire movie. Oh, Tony Stark. What you do to me with that sarcastic mouth of yours. And Captain can ripple past me in spandex anytime. Hawk shot an arrow straight through my racing heart, and David Banner's soulful brown eyes made want to cuddle him close (until he'd turn green and ripped my arms off, of course). Even Loki was delicious to watch. And Thor. Oh, Thor. I can't get too descriptive with Thor. This is a family blog, after all.

So, after finishing my...erm...research, I determined that my children could indeed, watch The Avengers, and we did. David was so enthralled he didn't cover his ears or avert his eyes once.

Neither did I, for that matter.

And the following weekend, when they were at their Dad's, I went and saw it once more. Then I bought "Thor" and "Captain America" on DVD (for my kids, of course...) and just yesterday, I saw The Avengers yet again. Oh, you bet your shwarma, I did.

And then I went home and jumped into my kid's ice cold pop-up swimming pool. It helped. Some.

I hear they're going to start shooting "Thor 2" soon.

 And I see a larger pop-up pool in my children's future.

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