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Friday, May 11, 2012

Thank You, Disney Channel

Oh, Disney Channel, you make me crazy.

Not as crazy as when my  kids were younger, mind you, but I still have to deal with the fallout from time to time. You see, Disney has this wonderful habit of getting your kids hooked on a great new show, and then it promptly moves its lineup around and the show is now in a new timeslot. Lots of channels do this, but Disney rotates every couple of months instead of once or twice a year.

When the kids were in pre-school, this could get pretty maddening. We only had a limited amount of time for viewing TV before we were out the door in the morning, and seeing a favorite show replaced by something not as favored led to plenty of tears and frustration. Now that they're both in school, we occasionally get the frustration, but they're able to manage a bit better, for the most part. David still has a hard time understanding why The Mickey Mouse Club or Chuggington aren't on when they're supposed to be. Thank God for Nickelodeon - SpongeBob is always on for a good hour-long stretch before schooltime and he's an acceptable fallback.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Disney did it again. David had gotten used to watching Special Agent Oso and they moved the lineup around, putting in some incredibly boring show about badly drawn bunnies who had French names and spoke with British accents. David hates them. I started to flip over to good old SpongeBob, but then I remembered PBS.

Why in the world don't I ever remember PBS? I think because I associate them with Sesame Street (which I would watch any day of the week). Anna's outgrown it, but David would still watch. What the heck, I switched it over.

And it was Arthur!!

How could I forget Arthur?? What a wonderful, wonderful show. David remembers it, too, because his old daycare used to watch it sometimes. He loves the theme song (as do I) and we were both singing along:

Hey! What a wonderful kind of day!
Where you can learn to work and play
And get along with each other...

Now every morning, Arthur and Binky and DW and Buster and that wonderful theme song start our day off beautifully. And I have the folks at Disney to thank for reminding me that I own a remote with more than one channel on it!

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