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Friday, April 13, 2012

Pod People

I had both kids' parent-teacher conferences this week and was informed that my children are prompt, well-mannered, respectful of other people's property and always clean up after themselves.

I can only come to one conclusion.

There are mutant "pods" in a janitor closet somewhere at each school, and each morning, alien clones take the place of my children. This explains why they're attacking each other, throwing clothing and toys around and screeching at me all night, after being confined in a janitor closet all day.

Seriously, though, everything went well. Anna is excelling, especially at Math and Science, and David is right on track with everything except reading, which is still a level behind where he ought to be. He's shown a tremendous amount of improvement, though, so his teacher and therapists are thrilled at his progress.

And to make it even better, yesterday he won the drawing for the $25 gift certificate at the book fair. His teacher emailed me to let me know, and added "When they called David's name out, the whole class cheered! Yeah!"

I love that he's got friends. You can't know how much. Having even one friend can change the world of an autistic child, but having a whole classroom of them? Gold. Pure gold.

So today at work I was reading Anna's composition book on my lunchbreak, since I just took a cursory glance at it during the parent-teacher conference. It has all kinds of great stories and writing exercises in it. Then I got to the topic "My Favorite Song".

She wrote: "My favorite song is 'Beautiful Soul' by Jesse McCartney. It reminds me of my brother, David."

And of course, I can't stop crying. I keep telling everyone that allergies are bothering my eyes, when in reality, my daughter is filling my heart to overflowing.

It's nice to hear that my kids are doing well in school. It's nice to hear that they have friends, and that they're respectful to their teachers. But none of it holds a candle to the reminder that my children are beautiful souls, the both of them.

I'm just lucky enough to be the pod that birthed them.

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