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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Little Parrots

David has started saying bad words. Specifically, he said "Shut up", which isn't really a bad word, per se. I call that "bad manners". We try not to say "shut up" in our house, and I prefer to hear "be quiet, please." Anna has taken to saying it and now David is saying it and they're both getting in trouble over it.

I suppose I should be grateful that's the worst of it. God knows they hear much more colorful words than that out of my mouth on an all-to-regular basis.

Mostly, they pick up the other things. David will talk to the cat the same way I do. He makes kissy sounds and calls her sweetie in exactly the same tone I use with her. It's really cute.

He also talks to me like I talk to him whenever he sneaks into my bed at night, telling me to go to sleep now, stroking my hair just so, and even rubbing my back a bit. So precious.

Anna, on the other hand, pays entirely too much attention to me verbally. She can mimic and twist my words with a skill that could have only come It's annoying in the extreme and pushes all my buttons, believe me.

David has a habit of getting in Anna's face with my words, as well. "Stop torturing your brother!" He'll shriek. She'll tell him she's sending him to his room if he doesn't stop throwing his stuffed animals at her (which he seems to do with maddening frequency).

Then there are the times when I hear the love come through. The way Anna calls David "Bubby", just like me. The way David sings to Anna in bed at night, just like me.

God help me, I parrot them back as well. I find myself using the word "lame" entirely too much, just like Anna. I tell the kids to stop "messing me" the same way David does. And when they laugh, I laugh. I laugh a lot.

And that can never get too repetitive.

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