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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Redux

                                                          OSCAR NIGHT!!!

**I adore Billy Crystal, but he just looks weird. Like his face isn't human skin or something.**

**Rango just got the Oscar for best animated feature film. I still think Rio should have been nominated. The animation was spectacular, and my kids didn't fall asleep during the showing of it.**

**No Oscar for Harry Potter tonight. *sigh* I still say Alan Rickman was ROBBED. A total travesty he's not on this stage tonight.**

**YES!! Christopher Plummer! FINALLY!!! And what a wonderful speech. You sir, are a class act.**

·**C'mon Muppets!!**

**Anjelina Jolie looks like the other Mother from Coraline in that dress. What the heck is coming out of her butt? And yes, Angelina, we see your leg. It's so damn white, it can be seen from space. What I am having trouble seeing is your arms, as they disappear when you turn them a certain way.**

**Woody Allen is a disgusting creep but I did love Midnight in Paris.**

**Who in the world wants Adam Sandler's opinion on ANYTHING? Really?**

**I love me some James Earl Jones.**

**I've said it before and I'll say it again - I want to have George Clooney's little liberal babies. I’ll comfort you, George. He was just brilliant in "The Descendants". One of my favorite movies ever.**

**Mmmmm. Colin Firth. Ohhhhh yessss. He can just talk all night. They ought to give an Oscar for the presenting of an Oscar. Mmmmm.**

**Meryl, I love you, but I wanted Viola Davis or Roomey Mara to win this one. What a shame.**

**Tom Cruise gives me the creeps. He never did it for me. While everyone was panting over him in Top Gun, I was drooling over Val Kilmer. Too bad old Val didn't hold up as good as Tom. Like I'm one to talk. Listen to me.**

**And another Oscar telecast closes while the cat snores on. She has her head tucked under her leg and I think if she farted now, she'd injure herself.**

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