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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Enough Already!

I am done Christmas shopping. Done. Not a thing left to buy.

That is until I see something that the kids will love and I really must buy it. With money I don't really have, but will have when it comes time to pay the bill on the credit card. Or the late fee on the electric bill because I used that money to buy stuff my kids will cram into a corner and ignore anyway until it gets broken or I throw it away.

This year, I will not cave.
Last year, I got really, really stupid mostly because of feeling guilty over their first Christmas without their Dad around, and I overcompensated. It took me months to recover financially, and they didn't play with half the stuff. A lot of it went into the summer yard sale or in a box to the Goodwill. This year, I've stopped before it got crazy and that's a good thing.
I want to buy more, though. I fight it every time I'm in a store or a mall, so the key thing is to not be in a store or a mall. This is especially difficult because I live in a tiny town where the Super Wal-Mart is pretty much the only grocery store. I'm considering driving half an hour down the road to grocery shop, so I can go to a grocery store without any other enticements.

It's nuts, I know. But it's keeping me fiscally responsible and that's really crucial now that I'm living on a lot less household income. I will not be digging out from snow and a snowballing amount of debt in January.

And best of all, I won't be tripping over all the clutter in my house!

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