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Friday, October 28, 2011

My Little Mischief Makers

The kids are so excited about Halloween. I finally got everything together for Anna's costume, and that was quite a bit of work. How is it possible that you can't buy a Coraline costume anywhere? Are my kids the only kids that LOVE that movie? It's so beautiful, and while it is a bit scary for the pre-school set, my ten and almost-eight year old thought the spookiness made it better.

Anyway, I've got the yellow rain slicker, messenger bag, striped shirt, wellington boots, dragonfly hairclip and even have the "seeing stone" that she used to find the "eyes" (if you've seen the movie, you'll know what that means). I also found a can of navy blue hair spray color on a sports fan website, which was a real score. The only blue hair color or wigs I could find anywhere were royal or light blue, which is no good. Now it's all assembled, and she already has the little Coraline doll to carry, so she's good to go.

We had a bit of a situation the other day when David's costume arrived. I'd ordered it used off of eBay (for less than $10!) - it's a Harry Potter costume, but not the standard. David wanted the one that was the Quidditch uniform, complete with broom. If he was going to be Harry Potter, he was going to fly! Well, the costume came in, I opened the box, and David let out a whoop! He climbed on the broom and shouted "Fly, broom!"

Of course, the broom did not fly. David got very upset, and hopped off the broom, examining it to find the "on" switch. When that proved futile, he pushed the broom at me, demanding that I change the batteries. He needed to fly and the broom wasn't working!

It was very hard getting him to understand that this isn't a flying broom, it's just for pretend. He didn't like that at all, and his tearstained cheeks just about broke my heart.

Someday, I'm going to get the money to take him to Harry Potter world at Universal. It would just make his life. Till then, he'll have to run around with a broom between his legs, terrorizing the cat. He's becoming a pro at it!

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