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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Honey, Honey

My son has a bad cough and it's been bedeviling him, especially at night. Whatta ya gonna do - it's that time of the year.

Recently, there have been reports about how ineffective childrens cough medicines are. I've also seen several studies reporting that if you give your child a teaspoon of honey, it will stop their cough better than any over-the-counter medicine you can give them. It apparently coats the throat really well. So I put some honey in the medicine syringe this morning and told my son to open up.

I think I'll try battery acid next time. He'll have a better reaction than he did to this. Have you ever had your face sprayed with honey? Have you been kicked with a honey covered foot in your honey covered face? Have you tried to wrestle a kid completely coated in honey? No? I don't recommend it.

And of course, the cat had to jump on the couch just then and get in on the action, rubbing up against him until I tossed her out of the way. By the time we were finished, he looked like Santa Claus with white fur all over his face and I looked like I was wearing white fur oven mitts.

Anybody got a better cough remedy? Honey was a definite bust.

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