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Monday, June 3, 2019

Lord Save The World From Ridiculous Hoverparents

I spent last Friday with Anna at her college orientation. I was expecting a whole lot of info-dump and maybe a misty moment or two, but I surprised myself. I didn't get much more than a lump in my throat here and there and not a single tear fell.

Any misty eyes I got were in relation to her reaching this milestone in her life. Her graduation ceremony is this Saturday. From there, it's ten weeks until college move-in day. I always knew these days were coming, and they're finally here. If you've been reading my blog you already know how fiercely proud of her I am and will continue to be.

But there was another reason I didn't dissolve into a puddle of tears on Friday;  I was too busy gaping in horror at all the parents who did exactly that. I can understand some mom tears and a stoic  clearing of a dad throat over the prospect of your kid leaving home, but some of these parents were just an absolute mess throughout the entire day. I mean the entire damn day.

Monday, May 20, 2019

And So The Little Things Commence

My son had his final chorus concert of the year yesterday. He's had a wonderful time in his first year of High School chorus, and he's really bloomed as a singer. He may never be a headliner, but he's learned to listen and to blend, sing with an orchestra, and learn to sight-read. I am fiercely proud of him.

Anna couldn't come to the concert due to her company picnic at her job, which ended up being a very good thing because I walked in the doors at the high school and was immediately greeted by a foyer wall covered in senior pictures. Some featured the names of the grads, and some had their names plus the colleges and tech schools they had declared for.

I found Anna's picture, featuring her university name and her planned major of physics.  As always, she takes a beautiful picture. It all sort of slammed into me at once. How far she's come. The life she's had to slog through, and climb over to reach this point.

Yeah, I spent the first half of my son's chorus concert sobbing quietly in a row near the back so I wouldn't disturb anyone else.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Crippled In One Hand, Can't Use The Other

Sorry for all the radio silence, but I've got a perfect storm of agony going on right now. What started as a crick in my neck over a week ago is now a pinched nerve in my neck that sends blinding pain into my shoulder and down my arm. My GOOD arm. And in case that's not enough, I'm developing carpal tunnel in my good hand/wrist due to all the repetetive overuse, so the hand and wrist ache unbearably.

The icing on the crap cake? I've got a case of trigger finger on my middle finger (again, this is the good hand) and my finger is now curling up and locking in place. So I'm not living my best life right now. I'm in so much pain I can't sleep or get comfortable in any position even with a heating pad and loads of muscle relaxers. The chiropractor can't see me until tomorrow, and the hand surgeon can't even look at me until the end of the month.

I really, really need a massage therapist, but of course, insurance won't cover that and I can't afford one on my own since the car broke last week to the tune of  $675 that I really don't have.

Gotta chill until the pain cyclone blows by. Until then, I'll be sitting here gritting my teeth instead of posting for a while.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Happy Friday! Join Me For A Big Cup Of NOPE

It's Friday and I'm breathing deep the smell of weekend freedom. If only it came without laundry. Oh well. Figured you'd all like a few good sphincter clenches to carry you out of your work week.

Let's start in China:

Thursday, April 18, 2019

And We Would Have Missed It All If We Were Rich

Two years ago, I gave my daughter a memorable sixteenth birthday. The December before, I had won the biggest door prize my company Christmas party had to offer: a $1,000 gift certificate to our corporate travel agency. With that and a pretty decent tax refund, I booked a trip for the two of us to London.

Neither of us had ever been, and while I had a decent tax refund, the amount I had left over to throw at this trip as spending money was more than a little modest after I finish paying all my accumulated bills.

We weren't exactly living a life of luxury those five days. The only extravagance on the menu was a coach tour I booked for our final day there. We had both wanted to see Stonehenge, but after reading all the reviews I knew that the standard tour was likely going to disappoint us. There's a perimeter path about a hundred yards away, circling the stones. You arrive on a bus, park in the parking lot next to several dozen other buses, and all of you walk that perimeter path. That's as close as you can get to the stones.

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Paint In The Bathroom And The Me I Used To Be

It's time for me to repaint the downstairs bathroom. I know that doesn't seem like a big deal but really, it is.

Years ago, when the ex moved out, I stood there in the rubble surveying the house - or more specifically the things left in the house. There were so many things we'd accumulated during our twenty-plus years together. So many things that were selected together, compromise on, fought over, or begrudgingly given into as a concession toward something the other really wanted to buy.

The ex and I were people with very different tastes when it came to decorating. I like subtle, muted tones on my walls and bright, flamboyant, or dramatic artwork. I could comfortably live in a stonewalled cottage with a decidedly Bohemian flare.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Dear Daughter: Congratulations! You Lived To Adulthood!

Dear Daughter:

You're 18 today! You survived to adulthood! 

That's it - I'm outta here. The Mom job is done. All those months of planning before you were born, all those years of scheduling and envisioning and carefully (or ham-handedly) guiding you through the childhood I carefully cultivated and into the brightly lit future I had all graphed out for you - done. Finito.

Except kinda . . . not so much.