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Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy Almost-Independence-Day! Let's Celebrate!

It's that time again - time to celebrate all the fun that goes with living in this loud, brash, occasionally maddening but wonderfully entertaining country. Sure, we don't all get along, but when push comes to shove, it's still a good place to be. I love my country, and I love it's people. 

Well, most of them. Politicians and zealots...not so much. But I digress.

In celebration of all things American, I bring you some of my favorite American stuff:

Let's start with an all-American action figure:

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fireflies And Faith - Fifteen Years Of Living With A Miracle

Some of you may remember that my children - like all kids - are miracles. But mine are a little more so than average. They were the culmination after five long years of an infertility battle and the product of science and technology, perfectly incubated for the first 72 hours of their existence in petrie dishes before being carefully transferred - along with their sibling embryos who didn't stick around - into my womb to await a final outcome.

Fifteen years ago this July 4th, my hormone levels determined that it was time to transfer some embryos, and when that time comes, it doesn't matter if it's a holiday or not. The doctor who was on call met me at the clinic, and the procedure was done in under twenty minutes, start to finish.

We happened to be camping nearby at the time, and returned to our tent so that I could lay flat for a few hours. It was raining, anyway, and I remember us bemoaning the fact that we were rained into our tent and couldn't even have some married people fun time. So we read books side-by-side, laying on the sleeping bags, not even discussing what might be going on inside  me because we'd been disappointed so many times before and just couldn't let ourselves hope, really.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: It's All About Perspective (And Air Conditioning)

The air conditioner is on the fritz
And the humidity and heat are through the roof
So I dug out this picture
To remind myself
You don't have to shovel sunshine, honey
Quit yer gripin'
It could be worse

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Problem With Autism (Sometimes) Is Calling Everything A Problem

Please take this survey! The post begged. They were researchers looking for information from parents of children on the autism spectrum. 

Specifically, they wanted to know about the way we handled certain aspects of behavior that were common to children on the spectrum: decreased eye contact, fixation, perceived lack of interaction.

Notice I use the word "perceived," I wish they had.

See, my problem with the survey was that certain words were being used over and over. One of those words was lack.

Does your child lack coping skills? Does your child show a lack of interaction?

Pre-autism me would have answered those questions with a definite yes. But you see, I've since learned to speak autism. To hear it, even when it can't find the right words, or say them in the right way, with the right facial expression. Even when the words won't come at all.

Monday, June 29, 2015

11 Great YouTube Channels That Will Eat Your Life

You Weren't Planning On Doing Anything Today, Were You?

At some point over this last weekend, I got directed to a cool YouTube video that led me to another and another and eventually I'm watching some weird series on giraffes in the wild Serengeti and it's seven hours later. I was sucked down the YouTube hole, and time had no meaning anymore.

And since today is Monday and we're all back at work (well, you are - I'm home with a sick kid), I figured I'd keep you from your assigned tasks by leading you down the primrose path to YouTube land myself.

Here's a list of some really awesome life-eating, time-stealing channels you can watch on YouTube:

Friday, June 26, 2015

Love Is Love - Whether You Expected It Or Not

[Photo: Getty Images - Mark Wilson]

When my daughter was born, I had all kinds of visions of the future.

She'd be beautiful, of course. And smart. Mustn't forget smart. And someday, I'd be helping her dress for her first dance, taking pictures of her and the lucky guy who had her on his arm.

Well, two out of three happened. Because this year, her eighth grade year, she went to her first formal dance, with her girlfriend.

Her girlfriend, who is a girlfriend.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Minor Annoying Things Guaranteed To Make You BatSh*t Crazy

This week has been a never-ending list of annoying things. I have a good friend who refers to this phenomenon as "a confluence of irritants." I have a very long list, but two of them are relatively minor:
  • I'm wearing shoes that squeak for some reason every time I walk today.
  • I have a bug bite in the center of my back that brushes against my chair every so often.

Those two things are annoying me to the point of madness. Seriously.