Single Motherhood

Single Motherhood served with a side of Autism

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Vegas, Day Three: Broke-Ass Broke In A City Of Broken Dreams

Sunday morning found me waking, bleary-eyed but unable to get back to sleep:

At 6:15am.

Three days, and I was still on Philly time. Dammit. And since I really didn't get entirely to sleep until after 4am, this was a problem.

So I sat down to write - amazingly, without a hangover again (go figure) and got some stuff done until my roommates woke up. Then we packed up the room, checked the bags with the hotel for storage, and off we went.

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Somebody, Somewhere

What's the most amazing fact you can think of? 
The web forum asked
People jumped in with amazing historical facts
Or incredible scientific breakthroughs
But one person said simply this:
"Somewhere in the world are people you haven't met yet
And they're going to love you, eventually
People that you'll get to know someday"
It's that simplistic
And that wonderful
And that true

So here I am
Keeping the faith

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Vegas, Day Two: Excesses And Indulgences

Saturday dawned early in Vegas - or at least it does on Philly time, on which, despite 48 ounces of alcohol the night before, I seemed to be.

So I pulled out the laptop and did some writing - some really good writing, believe it or not, and I was only very mildly hung over, nothing that two Advil couldn't take care of. I did wake up feeling like birds had made a nest in my mouth, but that's small penance for drinking damn near a two-liter of daquiri.

Once the roommates were up, we headed out to catch the Deuces bus, which whisked us away to the strip, and the incredible Bellagio Hotel and their massive - oh God, so massive - buffet, with unlimited mimosas.

Monday, September 29, 2014

What Happens In Vegas Stays On The Internet (If You're A Blogger)

When I told one of my coworkers I was going Vegas, she exclaimed, “Oh my God, you have to fly in at night!”

I’m here to tell you, ladies and gents, if you’re going to Vegas, you have to fly in at night. I mean it. It was amazing to watch it all glow against the blackness, with landmarks like The Luxor and The Eiffel Tower getting more recognizable as we made our approach. Unfortunately, I was in an aisle seat, so this is the best I got through the airplane window. One of my seatmates was kind enough to snap it for me. Wish I’d waited, though – it was much more spectacular when we got closer.

And oh….my seatmates. Oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Friday, September 26, 2014

AutASTIC Friday: Check Out The Amazing Artwork This Girl Has Created

Iris Grace is a painter, and she lives in the UK. She creates incredible watercolors that could easily hang in anyone's cheery foyer or on the wall of any arthouse, coffee shop or museum. What really is amazing about Iris's work is that she's five years old.

What's really, really amazing is that Iris is also a child with autism. 

Like many children on the autism spectrum, Iris's unique way of looking at the world around her translates into a thing of beauty, and provides her an outlet for sharing her special perspective with the rest of us.

Iris Grace, you are simply brilliant. Shine on, girl. Shine on.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Dear SUV Guy: Thanks For Making My Night

It was just a routine trip to the grocery store after a routine day at work and I was heading home to my routine life and feeling pretty average about it all.

Nothing spectacular. Just me being me.

I was tired. I'd like to say I was having a great hair day or I just felt great all over, but that wouldn't be the truth. I was tired, and I'm tired a lot.

I'm a single Mom. I work two jobs. I have teenage daughter who's thirteen in a twenty year-old body and pre-pubescent boy with autism. None of that is easy. And more often than not, it leaves me feeling kinda....well, I guess "drained" is the right word.

And that was me last night. I drove home from work in traffic, I stopped at the grocery store with the measly twelve dollars I have to spend until payday, I got in my car, and I started driving the remaining two miles to home.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Walking With The Dinosaurs

Check it out, Mom, she says
Yeah, Mom, check it out, he echoes
It looks like a giant egg, doesn't it?
The path is full of rocks and full-on boulders
Many of them jut out of the stream
Causing impromptu waterfalls
And making walkways that we can traverse
To drop twigs or leaves into the water
But just now, this rock looks like an egg

It could be a dinosaur egg, says he
Wouldn't that be cool? says she
If we found a dinosaur egg?
That would be cool, I agree
Even if it's not, it's still a really cool rock
And a reminder
That the simplest things
Can become anything
If you let your mind examine the possibilities

We keep on hiking
In the open air
Over the rocks and by the stream
We may not have found a dinosaur egg
But we found this day
And all the possibilities in it